‘Do you often make careless errors and mistakes?’

One of the signs of inattention in people with ADHD is the tendency to make careless errors and mistakes. Apart from difficulty in paying attention, this may be due to rushing through tasks, feeling bored, becoming distracted by other thoughts or cognitive processes, getting distracted by other things, and avoiding checking. For school and working-age people, making errors in written work is a common activity where the difficulty is more evident. Although modern word processing programs and add-ons like Grammarly can help detect spelling and grammatical errors, they are not entirely accurate. Some people find that phonological attention is a useful addition to visual attention in checking for errors in written work. Word processing software that has a “read aloud” function (found in the review tab) can read the text back to you. This feature is beneficial in reviewing written work because hearing a spelling or grammatical mistake spoken aloud can make it easier to spot.

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