ADHD Clinic Oxford

Partridge ADHD Clinic

The Partridge ADHD Clinic is based in South Oxfordshire and provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children from 6 years and adults to 65 years with ADHD throughout Oxford, Reading, Wantage and Newbury as well as further afield using telehealth software.

The clinic uses valid assessment methods that recognise ADHD can present differently in females and males. The clinic follows NICE concordant treatment protocols.

Care is taken to make sure people are supported through the assessment and diagnosis process which can be an emotional experience, and guidance is given to help people choose what treatment(s) would be most appropriate.

About Gavin Partridge

Gavin Partridge is an Independent Prescriber, who qualified as a Registered Nurse in Mental Health in 2006. He has a broad background working with adults and young adults with a range of acute and chronic mental health problems, in Central London and Oxfordshire.

Gavin currently works as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for the NHS in Oxford, within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and private practice.

ADHD Clinics

He runs ADHD clinics in the NHS and helps to diagnose Autism in children. In the private sector, Gavin offers prescribing services for children and adults with ADHD.

He is driven to help people with mental health difficulties in general but has chosen to specialise in ADHD after immediate family members were diagnosed with ADHD. He strives to deliver the same care and compassion he has for his own family to the people he cares for.

Please see our partner organisation in Shrewsbury for autism and ADHD in Shropshire here: